The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the hospitality industry around the world and has forced a number of Hyatt hotels to temporarily suspend operations, leading to temporary leaves or significantly reduced work schedules for many members of the Hyatt family. When you make a gift to the Hyatt Care Fund, you are supporting the colleagues with the most pressing financial need.

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Giving FAQs

What is the Hyatt Care Fund?

The Hyatt Care Fund is an effort designed to support our colleagues with the most pressing financial need. It is a coordinated effort through the Hyatt Hotels Foundation, Hyatt Care Fund, LLC, and E4E Relief to support colleagues in different countries around the world while complying with local employment, tax, and other applicable laws. While our efforts right now are focused on supporting colleagues most in need as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hyatt Care Fund will allow us to quickly care for colleagues affected by natural disasters and other hardships in the future.

Who is E4E Relief?

E4E Relief is a wholly owned subsidiary of Foundation For The Carolinas, a 501(c)(3) public charity. With more than a decade of experience serving clients across the United States, E4E Relief is the nation's leading provider of employee disaster and hardship funds.

What kind of relief will the Hyatt Care Fund offer?

Grants from the fund can be used to support immediate and critical needs as a result of COVID-19. The assistance will be focused on providing compensation for needs ranging from rent payments to groceries or childcare assistance to utilities/other monthly payments.

Can I designate my contribution to a specific colleague?

While gifts cannot be designated for a specific individual, they do guarantee funds are available to provide assistance to colleagues most in need who meet the criteria of the program.

Are all colleagues eligible to receive funds?

Global colleagues across Hyatt’s owned, managed, and franchised properties and corporate offices will be eligible to apply for relief via the Hyatt Care Fund. Given the global complexities and differences in the applicable laws in the various jurisdictions where Hyatt hotels and offices operate, colleagues in different countries may complete their applications through different portals – but the goal is the same – supporting our colleagues with the most pressing financial needs.

Are my gifts to E4E tax-deductible? Will I get a statement at the end of the year?

A donation to the Hyatt Care Fund administered by E4E Relief may be tax-deductible, provided no goods or services were received in exchange for the donation. A gift acknowledgment will be provided for all gifts, $250 or more, made directly to the Fund via E4E Relief. Cash gifts, depending on the amount, may or may not require a receipt for tax purposes. Please check with your tax advisor for more information.

Other Ways to Give

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